When will the list of horses be updated?

Dear user of the Palioapp application:

The officialization of the List of horses admitted to the regulated trials and to the Tratta leads us to align the first page of the app itself with the progress of the times of the Festival: from 00:01 on 27/6 this page will contain only the nine horses admitted directly to the Tratta. Anyone who hasn’t opened the app yet today, June 26, can already see the 9 horses.

On the morning of the 29th, before the heats are held, it will be implemented with all the horses that will actually be admitted to the Tratta by the City of Siena.

Every day each user can download the list once. This was programmed to be almost certain that the app doesn’t crash, as we had to develop it cheaply and completely at our own expense.

As a user, you can rest assured that on the morning of the Tratta you will still find the effective and official list duly updated by the Administrator.

Thanks everyone for your attention!