As you can see today on social media, we are very proud to announce our PalioApp. This was designed during winter.

In recent weeks it was presented to the Consorzio per la Tutela del Palio di Siena. We got their approval at the end of April. It will be released before the Palio of July 2, 2023.

In this app, the user will get a list of horses admitted to the tratta by the city of Siena. Each horse receives its own technical sheet (name, year of birth, owner, number of Palios ridden or won,…). The user will be able to assign a number to the horses on the day of the tratta and then fill in the batterie and the assegnazione (assignment of the horses to the districts) with this list. Finally, an overview (accoppiate) is provided where the user can also add a fantino/jockey.

More information will follow in the coming weeks.